An information breach can be devastating to any business, and the high profile ones that hit the news are just the tip of the iceberg. It can happen to any business at any time.

In the last few years the game has changed – rather than suffering the equivalent of targeted burglary, you're much more likely now to be mugged at random regardless of the value of your information assets to the attacker. So if you're vulnerable you're eventually going to suffer a breach, and the repercussions to your business will be just as severe. And the sad fact is that almost every business is vulnerable.

It’s commonly believed that information security is fundamentally a technological issue, but in reality proactive management plays a critical part. Although many fundamental controls are implemented using technologies, without strategic planning and tactical oversight of the entire corporate information risk space they can do little more than respond reactively to identified attacks, leaving the organisation wide open to the exploitation of vulnerabilities that either pass beneath the radar or are not technological in nature.

Reducing both the likelihood and scale of breaches requires a strategic approach based on the specific context of your organisation, and robust process management, not technology, is the primary key to success.

Integrated InfoSec specialises in defining, implementing and remediating strategic frameworks and tactical processes for managing corporate information risk that proactively reduce the likelihood and scale of incidents.